Magnesium Oil Benefits For Your Health 


Health Benefits Of Magnesium

Magnesium is one of essential minerals needed for survival.

However there is further than survival.

The health benefits of magnesium are numerous.

Magnesium is usually found in food, water and also in various diet supplements.

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The supplements of magnesium are usually in pill form.

Magnesium is considered as a macro mineral.

Human beings do need relatively large amount on basis.

This is opposing to the micro minerals which are only needed in much smaller amounts.

Normally, (50-60) % of magnesium is stored in the bone.

Approximately 40% is usually stored in the soft tissue of the human body.

Around 1% of magnesium is contained in the blood.

The presence of magnesium in the blood explains how simple blood test is accurate in the measuring off the body's magnesium level.

Health benefits of magnesium are quite many.

You should understand that magnesium is usually a cofactor comprising of over 340 cellular enzymes.

Several enzymes are related to the production of energy in the human body.

Magnesium helps in the following:

Formation of bones and cartilage

Muscle contractions

Nerve transmission

Hormone regulation and production such as insulin and the female and male sex hormone

Appropriate metabolism of minerals requires magnesium.

The metabolism of vitamins such as potassium, calcium, zinc, iron, copper as well as sodium also require magnesium.

It also stimulates the efficiency of vitamin C absorption and the effect in the human body.

In addition magnesium also increases the efficiency of Vitamin B6 and Vitamin D absorption in the body.

The help of magnesium to metabolize vitamins and minerals that helps to control high blood pressure, healthy bowels and heart disease.

Magnesium is of great use those with asthma.

It helps by relaxing the bronchial muscles.

It proves be a very important mineral to those with asthma.

Moreover its administration to those with asthma results into great improvement hence a great health benefit of magnesium.

Backaches or back pains can also be relieved by magnesium through different ways.

First, magnesium helps the kidney to function appropriately.

Stress of the kidney is one of the many causes of the back pain.

Second, the relaxation of the muscles is also aided by magnesium.

Magnesium also aids in the assimilation of calcium which allow bones to heal fast hence a health benefit of magnesium.

Magnesium also helps in the alignment of bones.

Low content of magnesium often causes the nervous system not to be in balance.

This results to keeping muscles tight and also prevents them from staying in a relaxed condition.

The presence of magnesium reinstates balance to the nerves and the muscles.

This makes the chiropractic adjustments to be more effective and longer.

Constipation is the other factor which is greatly aided by magnesium by giving relief from constipation.

Magnesium in high amounts brings relief.

Magnesium is also of great help to the diabetic people.

Its deficiency has proved to be common to with those with diabetes.

Diabetes can be worse if the presence of magnesium is absent.

To be precise, magnesium is of great health importance.

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